What is The Kelly Center?

The Kelly Center will be a permanent gathering space where adults, teens, and families alike can enjoy the arts in a safe and comfortable setting.

Currently, the vast majority of performance spaces in Havertown are bars.  This means that families, teens, and children don’t have a community performance space that meets their needs.

The Kelly Center will be an indoor public gathering space where youth and families can participate in the arts in a drug and alcohol-free environment.  At the Center, we will encourage young student artists to develop their skills and participate in performance opportunities… and seniors, adults, and families to enjoy the arts together.

Located at 4 East Eagle Road in the Oakmont section of Havertown, The Kelly Center will offer the following programs for our community:

  • After School Music Programs: afternoon events and performances giving students the opportunity to learn and perform across musical genres
  • Preschool Music Programs: daytime performances designed for parents with young children
  • Senior Programs: performances, sing-a-longs, musical exercise programs and more for senior citizens
  • Professional Concerts: evening shows with professional artists in cabaret and concert settings for adults
  • Musical Education: instrumental, voice, and presentation lessons offered by professional artists
  • Spoken Word and Theatre Programs: poetry, storytelling, comedy and one-act plays
  • Ensemble and Choral Programs: performance opportunities for local schools, churches, and organizations
  • Dance Programs: traditional, swing, jazz and more
  • Art Exhibition Space: for local artists and school art programs

The Kelly Center will become a premier gathering space for the residents of Havertown and a destination for those in the surrounding communities.